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For the reaction H2 + I2 ⇋ 2HI, ΔH and ΔU are related as
1. ΔH > ΔU
2. ΔH < ΔU
3. ΔH = ΔU
4. Can't say

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : ΔH = ΔU

The correct answer is ΔH = ΔU.

As we know,

ΔH = ΔU + Δng​RT


H2​(g) + I2(g) ⟶ 2HI(g) 

Δng = 0 [ Δn= no of gaseous product - no of gaseous reactant] which is 2 - (1 + 1) = 0

so, ΔH =ΔU

  • Isolated System – An isolated system cannot exchange both energy and mass with its surroundings.
    • The universe is considered an isolated system.
  • Closed System – Across the boundary of the closed system, the transfer of energy takes place but the transfer of mass doesn’t take place.
    • Refrigerator, compression of gas in the piston-cylinder assembly are examples of closed systems.
  • Open System – In an open system, the mass and energy both may be transferred between the system and surroundings.
    • A steam turbine is an example of an open system.
  • There are four types of thermodynamic process that have their unique properties, and they are:
    • Adiabatic Process – A process where no heat transfer into or out of the system occurs.
    • Isochoric Process – A process where no change in volume occurs and the system does no work.
    • Isobaric Process – A process in which no change in pressure occurs.
    • Isothermal Process – A process in which no change in temperature occurs.

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