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'Pneumatophores' (Respiratory Roots) is found in which of the following?
1. Rhizophora
2. Hydrilla
3. Hygrophila
4. Barleria

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Rhizophora

The Correct Answer is Rhizophora.

  • Pneumatophores are specialized root structures that exit the surface of the water and facilitate the aeration required for root-to-respiratory respiration in hydrophytic trees such as many mangrove species.
  • These specialized aerial roots enable plants to breathe air in habitats that have waterlogged soil. The roots may grow down from the stem or up from typical roots. 

  • Hydrilla is a genus of aquatic plant, usually treated as containing just one species, Hydrilla verticillata, though some botanists divide it into several species.
  • Hygrophila auriculata is a herbaceous, medicinal plant in the acanthus family that grows in marshy places and is native to tropical Asia and Africa. In India it is commonly known as kokilaksha or gokulakanta, In Kerala it is called vayalchulli. In Tamil it is called Neermulli and in Sri Lanka it is called neeramulli.
  • Barleria is a genus of plants in the family Acanthaceae.

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