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The reason of sea breeze is
1. During the day, the land gets heated faster than the sea water
2. During the day, the sea water gets heated faster than the land
3. At night, the land cools down more slowly than the sea water
4. At night, the sea water cools down more slowly than the land

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : During the day, the land gets heated faster than the sea water


  • Warmer air is lighter than cooler air. 
  • There are three methods of heat transfer, conduction, Convection, and Radiation.
  • In conduction, heat transfer takes place from the hotter end of the body to the cooler one. 
    • Conduction takes place in good conductors of heat like metal.
    • Poor conductors like wood, water, wool etc do not allow heat to pass through them. 
  • This process of heat transfer takes place in air or water is generally convection. 
    • Process of convection: If water is heated on a flame, the hot water goes above and cold water comes down. 
    • Convection is the phenomenon responsible for the sea breeze. 


  • The sea breeze can be observed in coastal areas. 
  • During the day, the land gets heated faster than the seawater 
  • The air over the land becomes hotter and rises up.
  • The cooler air from the sea moves toward the land. 
  • So, a cool breeze can be felt at sea beaches which is known as a sea breeze. 
  • At night, water cools slower than land. 
  • Land becomes cooler and water becomes hot. 
  • So, the cool air from land rushes toward the sea.
  • This is called land breeze. 

So, 'During the day, the land gets heated faster than the sea water' is the correct option as it is the reason for sea breeze. 


  • When electromagnetic radiation is emitted or absorbed to transfer the heat or When heat is transferred in the form of electromagnetic waves is known as radiation.
  • Electromagnetic radiation includes microwaves, radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays, and X-rays.
  • It does not require any medium. 
  • Sun heats earth by radiation. 

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