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"Sodium and Potassium are stored in Kerosene. Give the reason." The following reasons are given by VIII class students:

A. Both are highly reactive and react with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

B. Both are highly toxic and gives off toxic fumes.

C. Both are highly reactive and react with oxygen in atmosphere.

D. Kerosene helps cut off the reaction of the metals with oxygen in teh air.

Select the most appropriate reason(s) given by Class VIII studnets.

1. only A
2. C & D
3. only B
4. C & B

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : C & D


  • Sodium(Na) and Potassium (K) are highly reactive metals.
  • They both readily react with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture.
  • Even when kept in the air, they react vigorously and catch fire.
  • Also, their reaction is highly exothermic and dangerous with even cold water. 
  • Hence, to prevent their reaction and burning, sodium and potassium are stored in kerosene oil. 
  • kerosene performs the function of cutting the direct contact of these metals with oxygen in the air. 
  • Thus, explosive actions are prevented. 


  • Sodium and potassium are highly reactive metals that react readily with oxygen present in the air. 
  • To prevent this reaction they are kept in kerosene.
  • Kerosene helps to cut off the reaction of the metals with oxygen in the air.
  • So the correct answer to this question is - statements C and D. 

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