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The address given to each computer on the Internet known as:‐
1. Hardware Number
2.  Device Address
3. IP Address
4. Net Address

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Correct Answer - Option 3 : IP Address

An IP address (abbreviation of Internet Protocol address) is an identifier assigned to each computer and other devices (e.g., printer, router, mobile device, etc.) connected to a TCP/IP network that is used to locate and identify the node in communications with other nodes on the network. Some key points related to it:

  • Although it is called an address, IP address is also a number.
  • An IP datagram cannot be delivered to the destination unless the destination is uniquely and unambiguously identified and IP address does exactly that.
  • Computers connected to the Internet are called hosts and hence the term host address is used extensively.
  • There are two versions of IP addresses under active use. The most widely used one is defined in Version 4 of Internet Protocol abbreviated as IPv4.
  • An example address in decimal notation is
  • A new version of IP, Version 6 abbreviated as IPv6 has been recently standardised and is being introduced on internet.

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