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Define the wavelength of a sound wave. How is it related to the frequency and the wave speed?

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Wavelength : 

The distance between two consecutive compressions or rarefactions is called wavelength. 

Relation between wavelength, frequency, and wave speed : 

1. Speed of sound can be defined as the distance by which a point on the wave, such as a compression or rarefaction, travels in unit time.

2. Let the distance travelled by a wave in T seconds = λ meters 

3. The distance travelled by a wave in 1 second = λ / T meters 

4. Thus by definition of speed of wave, v =  λ / T ………… (1) 

5. We know that frequency and time period are related as o = 1 / T  ……….. (2)

6) From (1) and (2) we get v = λ . u  ⇒  λ = v / u

∴ Wavelength = Speed of sound / Frequency

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