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Arushi finished her graduation course on designing from a reputed university. She wanted to pursue higher studies from a foreign university. Her father felt that she should work for some time, gain some experience and then proceed to further study. Taking his advice she joined a top advertising firm ‘Crypton Ltd’. The company was very famous and they had several important clients. As her first assignment, Arushi had to design an advertisement for print media for one of their major clients ‘Amoridilla Soaps’. They were introducing new ayurvedic soap and they wanted Crypton to design an advertisement which was unique. Arushi started researching on the various rules of designing advertisement. She learnt that all good advertisements should elicit responses. 

a. State the responses and rules to be followed while designing an advertisement. 

b. Also, Identify and explain the promotion strategy followed by ‘Amoridilla Soaps’. 

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a. Good advertising elicits the following four responses: 

i. Attention: It catches the eye or ear and stands out amid the clutter of competing advertisements 

ii. Interest: It arouses interest and delivers sufficient impact in the message or offering 

iii. Desire: It creates a desire to learn more or crave ownership 

iv. Action: It spurs an action which leads to achievement of the ad’s original objective. It prompts the potential customer to buy the product. 

The rules are: 

i. Aim: To understand the primary purpose of advertisement. 

ii. Target: To create an advertisement for a specific target market who will be interested to buy the product. 

iii. Media: Keeping in mind the target group, we have to carefully select the media through which the advertisement will reach the target audience. 

iv. Competitors: Careful analysis of what the competitors are doing to advertise their products will help us choose our own medium of advertisement. 

b. Promotion strategy: Above the line- This type of promotion uses mass media methods and focuses on advertising to a large audience.

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