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If the uncertainty Δx in the position is along x-axis ,then uncertainity in the momentum is measured along which axis?

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If uncertainty Δx in the position is along x-axis then uncertainty in the position of momentum will also be measured along x-axis.

Key Points:

  • The uncertainty principle also applies for the same axis of position and momentum.
  • Like if Δx is along the y axis then Δp also must be along the same y axis.
  • The uncertainty principle also does not have any limitation for measuring instrument.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Formula

The mathematical expression for the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

Δ p. Δ x ∝ h/4p

By using the above equation, the calculated value of Δ p is the minimum value of Δ p for any particular value of Δ x. Similar the calculated value of Δ x also shows the minimum value of Δ x for any specific value of Δ p.

As Δp = m. Δ v, 
So the equation becomes (m. Δ v). Δ x π h/4p
(Δ v)(Δ x) ∝ h/4pm

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