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Suggest a suitable mechanism (s) for waste management in fertilizer industries

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To manage waste in fertiliser industry following steps to be taken.

  • For control of gaseous pollutants combustion equipments are used which can be oxidised.
  • The pollutants are exposed to a high temperature in the process. 
  • Air pollutants, such as certain gases and vapour and inflammable compounds are controlled through the use' of adsorption equipments.
  • Adsorption is a surface phenomenon and it needs the presence of a large solid surface area.
  • Toxic and odoriferous compounds are efficiently removed by this process. 

Three options available for controlling the effluents are: 

  • Control can take place at the point of generation within the factory.
  • Waste water can be pre-treated for discharge to municipal treatment systems. 
  • Waste water can be treated completely at the factory and either reused or discharged directly for receiving water.

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