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Neeraj, a sales representative of ‘Omida Ltd.’ has changed seven jobs in the last one year. He is a hard working person but is not able to finalise deals with the customers due to his inadequate vocabulary and omission of needed words. Sometimes he uses wrong words because of which intended meaning is not conveyed. All this created a mis-understanding between him and his clients. 

(a). Identify the communication barrier discussed above. 

(b). State the category of this communication barrier. 

(c). Explain any other communication barrier of the same category.

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(a) Communication barrier discussed above is badly expressed message. 

(b) The category of badly expressed message is semantic barrier. Semantic barriers of communication are the problems or obstructions in the process of encoding and decoding of message into words or impressions. 

(c) Following are other important semantic barriers : 

1. Words with different meanings. 

2. Faulty translations. 

3. Unclarified assumptions. 

4. Technical jargon.

5. Body language and gesture decoding. 

Words with different meanings – Sometimes, sender of the message uses a word having several meanings. The receiver of message may perceive the meaning wrongly leading to communication problems. For example, value has different meanings.

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