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please say me how could i paste picture in sarthaks

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Its simple to ask a question on sarthkaks with photo. Here is the step by step procedure to add a question with image.

Step 1.

Visit sarthaks.com.

Step 2

Click on ask a question button. which is either in menu bar or on the home page.

Step 3

A new page will appear in which you have to mention details of the question.

Step 4.

Now add the heading or short summary of question  in the box provided (The question in one sentence)

Step 5

Now choose the category of the question (subject related to the question).

Step 5

Now mention the full question in the box provided for (More information for the question)

Step 6.

To add the photo/ image of the question, first, click on the photograph icon in the box provided.

Step 7

Now a new page will appear, click on upload icon.

Step 8

Now choose the file from your gallery click on send to the server.

Step 9

Now click on ok button. Image is uploaded and then choose the topic on which you are asking the question.

Then tap on ask the question. Now you question is asked with image uploaded to it.

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but what is the use of image info
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It's very easy.. first click on Image icon on your screen... then upload your pics and send it to the server. That's it.

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