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Choose the correct statement(s) among the following. 

(A) SnCl2.2H2O is a reducing agent. 

(B) SnO2 reacts with KOH to form K2[Sn(OH)6]. 

(C) A solution of PbCl2 in HCl contains Pb2+ and Cl ions. 

(D) The reaction of Pb3O4 with hot dilute nitric acid to give PbO2 is a redox reaction.

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(A) SnCl2.2H2O is a reducing agent since Sn2+ tends to convert into Sn4+

(C) First group cations (Pb2+) form insoluble chloride with HCl that is PbCl2 however it is slightly soluble in water and therefore lead +2 ion is never completely precipitated on adding hydrochloric acid in test sample of Pb2+, rest of the Pb2+ ions are quantitatively precipitated with H2S in acidic medium. 

So that we can say that filtrate of first group contain solution of PbCl2 in HCl which contains Pb2+ and Cl 

However in the presence of conc. HCl or excess HCl it can produce H2[PbCl4] 

So, we can conclude A, B or A,B,C should be answers.

It is not a redox reaction.

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