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Which freedoms are usually taken away when a democracy is overthrown by the military?

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Freedoms denied to the people when a democracy is overthrown by the military are so many. 

In 1973, a military rule or a non-democratic government was established in Chile by General Augusto Pinochet while in Poland, there was a non-democratic government led by General Jeruzelski before 1989. We have seen people were denied many of their freedoms when they did not have democracies, for example: 

The people had no ‘right to freedom of speech’ as was the case with the women of Calama in Chile. 

The people had no ‘right to from associations or trade unions’ as was the case with the workers like a crane operator and an n electrician in Poland. 

In Poland thousands of Solidarity members were put in prison. Freedom to organize, protest and express opinions were taken away. 

In Chile more than three thousand people were killed by the military. The life of the people was at the mercy of the ruler. 

The people had no ‘right to have free elections’ as was the case in Poland before the dawn of democracy there. 

It was because of the above reasons i.e. no freedom of expression, no freedom of forming their own Trade Unions, no right to have free elections, socio-economic inequality and lack of security of life that the people liked to have change in their dictatorial government. 

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