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Two resistors, with resistances 5 Ω and 10 Ω respectively are to be connected to a battery of emf 6 V so as to obtain : 

(i) minimum current flowing 

(ii) maximum current flowing 

(a) How will you connect the resistances in each case ? . 

(b) Calculate the strength of the total current in the circuit in the two cases.

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Solution : 

Given: Two resistors with resistances R1=5ohm and R2=10ohm, V=6volt 

(a) For minimum current these two should be connected in series. For maximum current these two should be connected in parallel. 

(b)In series, 

Total resistance = 5+10 = 15ohms 

Therefore total current drawn = V/R = 6/15 = 0.4amps 

In parallel, 

Total resistance R is given as 1/R=1/R1+1/R2 

1/R =1/5+1/10 


R=10/3 ohm 

Therefore total current drawn by the circuit = V/R = 6/(10/3) =1.8amps. 

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