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Sheetal has a 1-year old son who plays with Robot. She has CCTV installed in her house for her son's safety.

She washes her clothes in an automatic washing machine and uses gas tandoor to bake a cake for her son.

Which is NOT an application of microcontroller?

2. Robot
3. Automatic washing machine
4. Gas tandoor

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Gas tandoor

Microcontroller -A microcontroller is an integrated circuit (IC) device used for controlling other portions of an electronic system, usually via a microprocessor unit (MPU), memory, and some peripherals. These devices are optimized for embedded applications that require both processing functionality and agile, responsive interaction with digital, analog, or electromechanical components.

CCTV-In cctv by using  microcontroller,  communication, web page creation, video streaming at web page, setting up of Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS), short messaging service (SMS) and email alert notifications are incorporated into the portable surveillance system. This system can be readily used for different types of monitoring system by slight modifications to the sensors or other input signals.So CCTV is application of microcontroller.

ROBOT- Robot controllers are specialized microcontroller boards that normally include motor drivers and provide for easy connection of servos. A microcontroller is like a super tiny computer that typically runs a single program  with rewritable flash memory,In similar way s robot works.

Automatic washing machine- In this microcontroller is used to control the process of washing cycle and to drive the external output devices such as water inlet valve, wash motor, water drain valve. The microcontroller allows the washing machine to adjust the water and cut power automatically.

In gas tandoor we don’t use any type of controlling mechanism using programming so it is not the example of microcontroller.

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