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The film ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’ is based on a short story by ______.
1. Jaishankar Prasad
2. Suryakant Tripathi Nirala
3. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar 
4. Munshi Premchand

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Correct Answer - Option 4 : Munshi Premchand

The correct answer is Munshi Premchand.

  • The short story “Shatranj ke Khiladi” or “The Chess Players”, by the renowned Hindu writer Premchand, published in 1924.
  • It is set in the times of Wajid Ali Shah when Lucknow was plunged deep into luxurious living.
  • Premchand portrays a purportedly feudal mentality of a whole culture through the two main protagonists, Mir and Mirza, who are immersed in chess to the point of being oblivious to everything else.
  • Film ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’ written and directed by Satyajit Ray.

  • Indian author Munshi Premchand of novels and short stories in Hindi and Urdu who pioneered in adapting Indian themes to Western literary styles.
    • Premchand’s most liked novels are-
      • Premashram (1922; “Love Retreat”).
      • Rangabhumi (1924; “The Arena”).
      • Ghaban (1928; “Embezzlement”).
      • Karmabhumi (1931; “Arena of Actions”).
      • Godan (1936; The Gift of a Cow).
  • Jaishankar Prasad, known as Mahakavi, holds a special place in the Hindi theatre world and fiction.
    • Jaishankar Prasad Major's works are a Butterfly, Skeleton, Iravati, and Stories are Akashdeep, Madhua.
  • Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was a prominent Hindi writer. The nation poet Dinkar is established as a poet of the best heroic rasa of the modern era.
    • Poetry collection Urvashi 1972 for the Library Award several such prestigious honors and prizes awarded.
    • Some major works are Kurukshetra, Urvashi, Renuka, Rashmirathi, Dvangit, Bapu, Dhoop Chharan, chilli fun, sun splash.
  • Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala' was one of the prominent poets of the Chhayawadi era of Hindi poetry.
    • One of the most popular writers of Hindi literature.some major works Parimal, Archana, evening Kakli, placenta, Geetika, worship, two shelters, Ragvirag, music boom, Anima, truffle.

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