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What is the optimum temperature for the growth of bacteria? What six guidelines will you give to your food handler for storing food in refrigerator?

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Optimum temperature for the growth of bacteria is 5 °C TP 60 °C.

Tips for storage of food in refrigerator are: 

i. Raw and cooked food should be stored separately. 

ii. Wrap the meat and meat product before storing it. 

iii. Cover the food such as milk so that it cannot absorb the flavours of other food items. 

iv. Do not over load the refrigerator. 

v. Once frozen food has been thawed it should never be frozen again. 

vi. Meat, poultry and other perishable foods should be stored within 2 hours of purchasing. 

vii. Once the can is opened immediately transfer it to plastic container. 

viii. Do not open the door of refrigerator frequently.

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