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Describe the main features of printf and getchar function.

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printf ( ) This function writes formatted data to screen. This function allows to supply the input in a fixed format and to obtain the output in the specified form. The printf () function interprets the contents of the format string.


Printf (“formatted string”, variables); if needed
Example 1.
Printf (“Average = % d percentage = % of’, avg. per);
Here the %d and %f are conversion characters.
They tell printf () to print the value of avg as an integer and per as afloat.

getchar ( ): Using this function any single ASCII character can be inputted in any char type of a variable. This function is available in stdio.h header file so it must be included in the program, in the beginning, using # include declarative.
For example,

void main ()
char x;
x = getchar();
cout << “you entered” << x;

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