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Suggest any three exercise dependent rimed and any three diet dependent remedies.

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Exercise Dependent Remedies :
1. Regular Physical Exercise:

Obesity can be controlled by practicing various aerobic exercises, jogging, cycling, dance etc. for at least 60 minutes every day.

2. Yogic Exercises :
Obesity can be reduced by practicing various types of asanas and other yogic exercise.
3. Resistance Exercises :
These exercises strengthen tendons and ligaments. While performing such exercise one must fix the number of repetition rather then amount of weight lifted. These are considered safe and good for wealth.
Diet Dependent Remedies :
1. Avoid fatty foods:

Fats provide maximum calories to the body, extra fats are stored in the body. In order remain slim one must avoid fatty foods.
2. Avoid junk and fast food:
Fast food like pizza, burger, patties, samosa, chole bhature, pastry, cookies etc. Contain very high calorific value. Therefore such foods may be avoided.
3. Change in life style :
For short distance travel, we must walk more on foot instead of using rickshaw, scooter, car etc. We should use stairs in place of lifts and do more up and down in our houses.

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