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Explain the problems of Indian tribes.

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The problems of Tribals are as follows:

1. Geographical Isolation: Tribals are the people who have been living in remote areas and hill tracks, without any access to socio-economic inputs. For centuries, tribals were isolated from the rest of the community, which has also given them wide cultural variations. Their geographical isolation from the mainstream deprived them the chances for progress.

2. Cultural Problems: At present due to contact with outsiders, the tribal culture is undergoing a change. It has led to the degeneration of Tribal life and Tribal arts such as their dance, music and different types of crafts. In several tribal areas, influence of other religions have affected their culture. This is also responsible for alienating them from their culture. The tribal groups have got divided into several sects on the basis of religion. This has shattered their collective life.

3. Social Problems: Due to the influence of outsiders, the tribals are facing the problem of dowry, child marriage, infanticide, and un touchability. The contact with outsiders has created several social and health related problems.

4. Economic Problems: Tribal people are economically backward. The major economic problems of tribals are as follows:

  • Alienation of Tribal Land to the Non- Tribal
  • Problem of indebtedness 
  • Exploitation in Forestry Operations 
  • Primitive methods of Cultivation

5. Educational Problems: According to the 2011 census, the literacy among the scheduled Tribes was 29.6 percent. Main causes of slow progress in literacy among the scheduled Tribes are poverty of the parents, content of education, inadequate educational institutions and supporting services, absenteeism, medium of instruction and educational policy, etc.

6. Exploitation of tribals by the Moneylenders: He Tribals continue to be the victims of exploitation by the moneylenders. Indebtedness among the Tribals may be attributed to the following reasons:

Poverty loopholes in the existing money lending laws, lack of awareness about sources of institutional finances and existing legal protection, inability to follow the complicated procedures to obtain loan and consumer credit from institutional sources are the major hindrances. Indifferent attitude of government and bank officials, private money lenders willingness to advance money to the Tribals without any security paves way for later exploitation.

Absence of alternative credit facility has compelled the tribals to compromise their fate with moneylenders and accept indebtedness as almost an inescapable aspect of their existence. Lack of employment opportunities add to their woes.

6. Health Problems: The main cause of their sickness is the lack of clean drinking water, nutritive food, and prevalence of communicable diseases.

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