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Fill up the Blank: “According to Gagne’s Learning Hierarchy highest stage of learning is _______".
1. Problem-solving
2. Stimulus-response learning
3. Rule learning
4. Signal learning

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Problem-solving

Robert Mills Gange, an American educational psychologist has proposed a hierarchy of learning in which learning tasks are organized in a hierarchy based on their complexity level.

  • This learning hierarchy is divided into eight intellectual levels and implies the idea that an individual has to first master lower intellectual level in order to acquire higher intellectual level skills.

  • Problem-solving is the highest level of Gagne's learning hierarchy.
  • It emphasizes involving learners in solving problems by using higher-order intellectual skills.


Eight Intellectual Levels or Eight Conditions of Learning:

  • Signal learning: The learner makes a general response to a signal.
  • Stimulus-response learning: The learner makes a precise response to a signal.
  • Chaining: The connection of a set of individual stimulus and responses in a sequence.
  • Verbal association: The learner makes associations using verbal connections.
  • Discrimination Learning: The learner makes different responses to different stimuli that are somewhat alike.
  • Concept learning: The learner develops the ability to make a generalized response based on a class of stimuli.
  • Rule learning: A rule is a chain of concepts linked to demonstrated behaviour.
  • Problem-solving: The learner discovers a combination of previously learned rules and applies them to solve a novel situation.

Hence it could be concluded that “According to Gagne’s Learning Hierarchy highest stage of learning is problem-solving". 

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