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"Tough people outlast tough conditions." Describe Helen's character in `The Story of My Life' with reference to the above.

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The book 'The Story of My Life' is all inspiring and those who read between the lines get a plethora of life-saving and life improving medicines. One gets the message that a man should set a target for himself and work tirelessly to achieve it. He should be determined and work for achievement with a single-minded devotion and determination. Dark clouds will scatter giving place to the sun to shine brightly. Then one gets the message that hurdles on the way should be tackled bravely and they should not be allowed to send a person into the deep pits of depression. Let bygones be bygones. Start life afresh and begin work forgetting the unfortunate past.

Then one understands that Nature has the capacity to apply balm to the melancholic hearts. Rest in the lap of Nature and get the required solace and all the good qualities to lead a contented life where all are equal. The most important lesson is that students should have unflinching faith in their .teachers. They should always keep in mind that - a teacher is a guide, mentor, philosopher and a well-wisher. Have full faith in him and no billows can hinder the way of the ship of the students to reach the coast, all safe and sound and enriched beyond imagination. The Story of My Life is an inspirational story for any child whether able or disable as it teaches that one can overcome one's shortcomings through determination and hardwork. The idea that Helen imparts is that knowledge is not about reading/cramming and passing in the exam. According to her one cannot attain wisdom unless one has experienced or felt the essence of that very thing or what one is reading.

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