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Explain the origin of Ancient Olympic Games?

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The sports was by no means a Greek invention. Despite severe conditions of life at the dawn at history, men found time to enjoy a variety of sports. According to available history, the first ancient Olympic games were started in Olympia Valley in 776 B. C. at that time the games were held in honour of God Zeus, later on Hercules, the son of Zeus started the games and sports in the honour of his father. Although there was lot of stories about the origin of ancient Olympic games. According to some other learned persons there was a wrestling competition between God Zeus and God Koronos in which God Zeus became the winner. To celebrate the victory, the organization of games and sports was started. Whatever the reason behind the beginning of the game Olympic Games was, but it is certain that these games were organized first time in beautiful valley names ‘Olympia’, due to this fact these games were called Olympic Games. during the games period or month any war or dispute might be taking place, would be stopped at once and a truce would be declared. The games were conducted in following way:-

1. Opening ceremony
2. Assembly
3. Oath
4. Events
5. Awards

The Ancient Olympic Games continued and was held for approximately thousand years. In 394 A. D. Theodosius, the King of Rome stopped the organization of games, stadiums were destroyed and revived after many decades, that Called Modern Olympic games.

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