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What do you mean by the Sports Training and Explain principals of sports training ?

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Sports Training is the process of all the scientific and systematic channel of preparation of sportsperson for the highest level of sports performance.
Sports training also consists all those learning influences and process that are aimed at enhancing sports performance:-
Principles of Sports Training :-
Principle of Over Load
Principle of Progressive Development
Principle of Continuity
Principle of Variety
Principle of Individuality
Principle of Specificity
Principle of Active Participation
Principle of Periodisation
Principle of General and Specific Preparation
Principle of Rest and Recovery

1. Principle of Overload:- The principle of overload states that there should be greater than normal load on the body as required for training adaption to take place. For example to increase endurance, muscle must work for longer period of time than they used to.
2. Principle of Progressive Development- According to this principle, the load should be increased step- by - step, so that players can handle easily. The principle of progressive development also makes us realize the need of proper rest and recovery.
3. Principle of continuity:- According to this principle , the training should be a continuous process. There should not be any break. The interval between two training session should be maximum but not too long.
4. Principle of Variety:- For a successful coach the training plan should be in variation so as to maintain the interest and motivation of the athlete. For example changing the nature of exercise, timing and environment.
5. Principle of Individual Differences:- According to this principle. every sportsperson is different due to individual differences. For example compared to male athlete an women athlete require more recovery time for the same event.
6. Principle of Specificity:- This principle states that exercising a certain part or components of the body primarily develops that part.
7. Principle of Active involvement:- the principle of active involvement means that for an effective training programme the athlete must participate actively and willingly.
8. Principle of Periodisation:- The sports training programmes are developed through various training cycles such as macro cycles, meso and micro cycles.
1. Macro Cycles. - duration 3 to 12 months.
2. Meso Cycles:- duration 3 to 6 weeks.
3. Micro cycles:- duration 3 to 10 days.
9. Principle of General and specific Preparation:-
For the improvement of the performance, both the general and specific preparation are equally important. General preparation serves as the base for specific preparation.
10. Principle of Rest and Recovery:- According to this principle, the training programme should be made in such away there should be proper rest and interval between training activities.

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Principle of Ensuring Results:-  The main aim of sports training is to achieve the highest possible performance in a competition. In this regard training should be formulated is such a way so that ultimate aim of sports training is ensured by attaining the result in a competition.

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