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Explain the process of stimulus, Recovery and Adapatation?

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Our body is made up of millions of very small living cells. Each type of cell or group of cells performs a different job. All the cells have the ability to adapt to what is happening to the body. The adaptation takes place inside the body all time. There is also an adaptation to the training for games and sports because its helps to increase the sports performance for improving the sports performance the training load has to be increased. Stagnation training load means stagnation in performance. When a sportsperson’s fitness is challenged by a new training load there is a response from body. The response by the body is an adaptation to the stimulus of the training load. The initial response is of fatigue. When the loading stops, then process of recovery from fatigue and adaptation to the training load starts. The process of recovery and adaptation returns to the sportspersons not just to his previous fitness level but to an improved level.

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