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Technique:- Technique is defined as the motor procedure for tackling a motor task. Motor procedure should be understood as a system of movement of body parts in a definite sequence. Thus, we can say Techniques are the basic movements of any sports or event. The Motor procedure or technique is always take or goal oriented. Therefore, different techniques are required in different sports. In shotput for example, the motor task is to put the shot as far as possible, whereas in weightlifting in clean and jerk the motor task it to lift as much weight as possible. In team game, the sportsmen are required to tackle a variety of tasks under different conditions. Therefore in sports the sportsman has to learn a number of techniques with possible variation. The most common form of presenting the technique is verbal and physical. The physical aspects of technique is conveyed through demonstrations and audio- visual aids. 

Skill:- A motor skill is acquired through a long process of motor learning. Technical skills in sports therefore, represent automatisation of motor procedure. A sportsman tries to learn a technique and through continuous and systematic process, — is liable to acquire the skill i.e. automatisation of the motor procedure. In other words, we can say that skill is the capacity of the sportsman to realize technique in actual motor action.

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