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Choose the most appropriate synonyms for the underlined words.

1. The narrator was contributing safely to the gradual crescendo

(a) climax 

(b) anti-climax 

(c) denouement 

(d) excitement

2. There was a rustle of excitement

(a) sensation/thrill 

(b) reason 

(c) argument 

(d) appeasement

3. The auctioneer looked inquiringly first at the opener and then at the company. 

(a) ignorantly 

(b) innocently 

(c) inquisitively 

(d) incessantly

4. Mv blood congealed arround the cut. 

(a) thawed 

(b) thickened 

(c) boiled 

(d) showed down

5. There was a curious smothered noise from my friend. 

(a) expressed

(b) articulated 

(c) hidden 

(d) suppressed

6. That was a nice pickle to be in. 

(a) comfort 

(b) mess 

(c) canteen 

(d) cafeterial

7. I had become a purchaser of a picture I didn’t want to own. 

(a) seller 

(b) auctioneer

(c) buyer 

(d) antic-dealer

8. He had left me not out of baseness as I discovered later. 

(a) foundation 

(b) meanness 

(c) sanctity 

(d) holiness

9. He deserted me to find a remote place to laugh. 

(a) nearby 

(b) neighbouring 

(c) isolated 

(d) irritated

10. The narrator wondered if money lenders who talk so glibly about “note of hand” really mean it. 

(a) rudely 

(b) sincerely 

(c) honestly 

(d) insincerely

11. He started specultaing on the possibility of confessing his poverty. 

(a) believing 

(b) hypothesize 

(c) distrusts 

(d) doubting

12. I pulled myself together sufficiently to hand my card nonchalantly

(a) devotedly 

(b) enthusiastically 

(c) coolly / unconcernedly 

(d) with concern

13. The stafflooked prosperous

(a) poor 

(b) dirty 

(c) rich 

(d) stingly

14. A genuine mistake could have been rectified. 

(a) fake

(b) false 

(c) real 

(d) feigned

15. A career of rectitude has rewards. 

(a) disloyalty 

(b) dishonesty 

(c) contentment 

(d) honesty

16. The rewards are beyond the consciousness of virtue

(a) sin 

(b) crime 

(c) vice 

(d) morality

17. Even among the best of us there is wordly guile

(a) wisdom 

(b) cunningness 

(c) virtue 

(d) morality

18. He became suddenly grave

(a) light hearted 

(b) humorous 

(c) serious 

(d) critical

19. It is indelibly branded on letters of fire on my heart. 

(a) unforgettable 

(b) inerasable 

(c) misunderstood 

(d) ineligible

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1. (a) climax

2. (a) sensation/thrill

3. (c) inquisitively

4. (b) thickened

5. (d) suppressed

6. (b) mess

7. (c) buyer

8. (b) meanness

9. (c) isolated

10. (d) insincerely

11. (b) hypothesize

12. (c) coolly / unconcernedly

13. (c) rich

14. (c) real

15. (d) honesty

16. (d) morality

17. (d) morality

18. (c) serious

19. (b) inerasable

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