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1. Define solution. 

2. Explain the types of solutions with suitable example.

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1. A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances, consisting of atoms. ions or molecules. 

2. Types and examples of solution.

S. No. state of solution Solute Solvent Example
1. Gaseous solution Solid  Gas Camphor in nitrogen gas
Liquid Gas Humid oxygen (Oxygen containing water)
Gas Gas Air ( A mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and other gas 
2. Liquid solution Solid Liquid Salt water
Liquid Liquid Ethanol dissolved in water
Gas Liquid CO2 dissolved in water (carbonated water)
3. Solid soluation Solid Solid Gold alloy ( of copper used in making jewellery)
Liquid Solid Amalgam of potassium (used for dental filling)
Gas Solid Solution of H2 in palladium

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