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Which of the following will be suitable to demagnetize a magnet?
1. Cooling
2. Hammering of Magnet
3. Keep in contact of iron
4. Putting in water

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Correct Answer - Option 2 : Hammering of Magnet

The correct answer is Hammering of Magnet.

  • The magnet can de be demagnetised by heating past the Curie point, applying a strong magnetic field, applying alternating current, or hammering the metal

  • A magnetic field is a picture that we use as a tool to describe how the magnetic force is distributed in the space around and within something magnetic.
  • The magnetic field is described mathematically as a vector field. This vector field can be plotted directly as a set of many vectors drawn on a grid.
    • Each vector points in the direction that a compass would point and has length dependent on the strength of the magnetic force.
    • The only difference here is that a compass doesn't indicate the strength of a field.
  • Magnetism is one aspect of the combined electromagnetic force.
    • It refers to physical phenomena arising from the force caused by magnets, objects that produce fields that attract or repel other objects.
  • A magnetic field exerts a force on particles in the field due to the Lorentz force.
    • The motion of electrically charged particles gives rise to magnetism.
    • The force acting on an electrically charged particle in a magnetic field depends on the magnitude of the charge, the velocity of the particle, and the strength of the magnetic field

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