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Explain any four problems of adolescents

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(1) Aggressive and Violent Behaviour : Adolescent has aggressive behaviour and often becomes violent very fast. They easily become, irritated and repulsive when work is not of their interest. 

(2) Problems related to physiological growth. The physiological changes associated with adolescence present conditions and problems that the adolescence has not met upto this time and in may cases is ill prepared to meet them when they appear. 

(3) Confusion between adolescent’s role and status unfortunately neither the adolescent’s role nor his status is clear cut in the society. A boy may be treated like a man in many situations outside but like a child in his own home. 

(4) Problems related with the future : The adolescence is a period when the individual is not a child, he has emerged from the safe and protected life of childhood. He has now to decide as120 to what course of life he has to follow.

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